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First US MSO Applies to List on TSX as Germany Confirms Rec Legalization Plans After EU Feedback



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Intro – 00:40 – MO Sales Growing Faster Than Expected – 1:45 – Canna Benchmarks on IL
2:20 – CT Releases Feb Sales Data, $18.4M for 28 Days – 3:35 – AR Med Hits $45M in 2023
4:27 – Tech Industry Gets Taste of Cannabis Industry Discrimination – 5:35 – TER to TSX
6:48 – Bloomberg on Same Story – 7:10 – Analysis on NY Rec Market, If There’s No Fix…
8:35 – Jeffries on TER News – 9:20 – Cantor on Garland 2.0? – 10:22 – BTIG on Us Canna
10:45 – DE Health Minister Karl Lauterbach Expresses Confidence EU Will Approve Plan
11:00 – Will the UN & the 1961 Single Convention Get in the Way? – 12:26 – Same from MM
12:45 – UN Suggests Feds Reverse State Level Reform to Comply with Treaties, ThA fUcK?
14:05 – Kevin Sabet Carries Harry J Anslinger’s Fear & Resentment Driven Legacy Forward
15:25 – Problems with Unregulated Delta 8, Best to Close Farm Bill Loophole Maybe?
16:23 – Deschedule; Supply Chains Go Back to Normal / Improve – 17:04 – Biden Hates Us
17:46 – MD on Schedule to Launch Jul 1, Hope sOcIaL EqUiTy Doesn’t Get in the Way
18:22 – KY Committee Approves Med Bill, Senate Next – 18:53 – MN Approves Overhaul
19:50 – GA House Increases Licenses, Still No Med Launch Date – 20:19 – Med Use Study
21:10 – Study 2: Flower Linked to Higher Quality of Life in Chronic Illness Patients
22:00 – Study 3: Flower for Chronic Nonmalignant Pain Management





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