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The Creators Circle Dance!! Quickly & Repeatably Reversed!



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The strange circling animal conduct that has been witnessed around the previous few months has gone viral ,and elevated a whole lot of concerns. So What’s really heading on?
Could it be but more AI fuckery to gaslight the sheeple?
Or could it be an essential signal from the Creator of modifications to the Torus Fields?
Key adjustments are occurring ,and we are unable to ignore that fact.
Could the explanation be our magnetic torus field flips polarity as predicted ?
What if our Poles be All of a sudden ,and repeatably reversed? Some Teachers assert evidence for this sort of a change ,we investigate Buckle up!

Welcome to FEBs classic Flatterday display! Dwell!
Double Flat Thumbs To Infinity Thrice!

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Bundled matters right now!
Torus flip
Kaaba secrets.
Previous maps with massive issues!
Masonic bizarre practices.
Arch Angel Michael in door carvings.
Leiden Holland.
Tranzie Gaga
Missing Folks.
The stupidest shit in the heritage of at any time with the latest CGI Moon Wank!
Rome & Copenhagen 1800s.
Pics of the 7 days ,and loads far more exciting aside from.
Does this not seem double additionally superb? fuckin Aye!

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