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A Female Mistakenly Ate 96 Gummy Edibles. This Is What Occurred To Her Brain.



All references are in the description below
Individual NP by Ceci, Tony by Wolfgang Nelson, Rebecca by Dawn Bradley, PA Erin Goodenough
US Food and drug administration Inform: and facts/food and drug administration-warns-shoppers-about-accidental-ingestion-little ones-food items-merchandise-that contains-thc
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A Man Dry Scooped 35000 Milligrams Caffeine. This Is What Occurred To His Organs:

A Boy Ate 180 Gummy Melatonins For Lunch. This Is What Happened To His Brain:

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These circumstances are patients who I, or my colleagues have noticed. They are de-identified and many circumstances have been offered in far more depth in an educational environment. These videos are not particular person medical tips and are for typical educational purposes only. I do not give medical guidance above the internet.


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