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Roll a superior blunt with Al Capone blunt wraps



Simple-rolling & slow-burning, Al Capone wraps are built just for blunt smokers.

Blunt people who smoke tend to be loyalists. You have your go-to wraps and you’d go to bat for why they make the greatest roll and smoke. If your brand’s Al Capone, you now know why their slow-burning, all-organic leaf wraps are created diverse. If you rep an additional brand, make it possible for us to make the case for why Al Capone’s deliberately crafted blunt wraps could just acquire your prime place.

In the enterprise of cigarillos and cigars because the 1990s, Al Capone established its sights on producing the great blunt wrap and introduced their pure leaf wraps in 2016 following coming immediately to blunt lovers for investigation & enhancement. The consequence is a wrap which is finely calibrated to the wants of the blunt smoker.

We got palms-on with all a few of Al Capone’s wrap varieties—Original, Cognac, and Rum—to exhibit why they are set up to get in excess of even the most committed diehards.

Courtesy of Al Capone
Courtesy of Al Capone

The wrap

There is an artwork to rolling a great blunt, and accomplishment commences with the high quality of the wrap.

Al Capone began doing work on their specifically designed blunt wraps just after seeing an uptick in demand from customers for an all-pure wrap. The 100% pure leaf wraps are separately packaged to guard from the key enemy of every easy blunt roll: staleness. Image every brittle, cracked wrap you have ever broken up, and then picture the precise reverse. These wraps are fresh new out of the pouch, with a silky texture and a genuinely stretchy truly feel.

They are pre-slash to just the proper sizing so there is no fooling all around immediately after you tear the pouch. The leaves are tender and elastic without thick veins that get in the way of a tight, clean roll. Proper out of the bundle, we even wondered if a wrap could be much too fresh—Al Capones are so silky, at very first, we weren’t confident if we’d have plenty of framework to be ready to condition the herb in the wrap easily—but like magic, a couple seconds in the open up air and the wrap is the excellent texture for a stunning roll. 


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They’re so versatile and straightforward to perform with, it’s tricky to believe they are also the only wraps in the video game with a double leaf, but these are the details! And the proof is in the slow burn off the double wrap delivers.

The roll

Excellent wraps have acquired to be functional, so how do Al Capone’s roll up? A sweet-spot combination of stretchy, gentle, and robust, the wraps manage effectively, with just more than enough construction to sit nicely in between your fingers as you form your herb and to roll smoothly as you tuck the leaf. The wraps roll well no matter whether you use a crutch or filter or not, so choose your individual adventure there.

Courtesy of Al Capone
Courtesy of Al Capone

Expert blunt people who smoke and rookies alike will take pleasure in a further element that sets Al Capone wraps aside: their normal self-adhesive strip. Nothing’s extra bothersome than rolling up a nicely packed blunt for the rotation just for it to are unsuccessful to seal up appropriately. Not a variable with Al Capone. End off your roll by peeling off the strip and pressing it down for a limited, reliable seal which is built for the laps this blunt will be carrying out all through its tremendous gradual burn off.


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Professional suggestion: In our assessments, we located the great time to peel again the strip is immediately after you’ve began your roll—at this issue, with the blunt well balanced in your two palms, it is straightforward to get and peel again the strip with your mouth and then finish the ultimate twist.

The smoke

Genuinely, when it arrives to a wrap’s high quality, it’s all about the smoke. With Al Capone wraps, two phrases sum it up: sleek & slow.

To examination how Al Capone wraps gentle up, we rolled each of the brand’s versions with a distinct strain. For blunt smokers, flavors can make or break a wrap. Some smokers swear by a manufacturer simply because they have a wrap flavor they really like, and many others choose only the most normal flavor they can get their fingers on. Al Capone’s flavored varieties, Cognac & Rum, could simply turn out to be the explanation you arrive at for these wraps at the store.

Courtesy of Al Capone
Courtesy of Al Capone

Cognac, with its subtle maltiness, and Rum, with its light-fruit aroma, are both equally developed not to overpower—with each, there’s a great sweetness out of the pouch that doesn’t overwhelm your nose or the aroma of your cannabis. Original lacks some of that sweetness, but if you favor a pure wrap, it’s new with all the suitable notes and truly allows your herb’s dankness choose center stage.

The moment burning, we uncovered that all a few types blended perfectly with the herb with a delicate, balanced influence, one where by you could style the natural leaf wrap together with the one of a kind notes of the strain. Although lesser wraps can have a harsh smoke or overpower you with heavy flavors, Al Capone wraps are easy, smooth, smooth.

Many thanks to the double leaf and the fact that these wraps are so uncomplicated to get a very good roll out of, you can hope a wonderful, extensive burn. For bash-sized rotations exactly where the blunt has to hold up through a ton of passes, these are the wraps we’d want. If you’re on your have, the sluggish-burning, clean smoke these wraps supply is luxe plenty of to make you experience like you’re celebrating.

Al Capone’s in your pocket

If you have obtained a blunt wrap manufacturer you swear by, contemplate this your challenge to see how Al Capone wraps stack up. If you’re new to the environment of blunts, these uncomplicated-rolling wraps would be an ideal location to get started. They are uncomplicated to uncover, so head to a store close to you or inventory up on the internet

Disclaimer: WARNING: This products includes Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical” 

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