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BK Sister Shivani – Astrology, Future, Karma & Angels | The Ranveer Exhibit 232



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A single of the most highly requested podcasts of the 12 months. BK Sister Shivani on The Ranveer Clearly show. Firstly, I would like to thank ma’am for gracing our house with her presence, it was a big honor for equally my staff and myself to have hosted her. This was the only podcast that we’ve had at 8-o-clock in the morning, and it was a definitely phenomenal encounter. As she entered the place, we could truly feel the simplicity and relaxed in her eyes, genuinely grateful to have knowledgeable her electrical power personally.

BK Shivani is a spiritual leader in the Brahma Kumaris non secular motion of India. Her mothers and fathers began subsequent the Brahma Kumaris when she was a young lady, and out of nowhere received into the deepest realm of what we connect with ‘spirituality’. Frequently referred to as Sister Shivani, she is commonly known for her clarity of imagined, beliefs, and patience. She has a YouTube channel termed BKShivani, where by she presents speeches on lifetime classes.

In this fantastic dialogue, we explored some of the gorgeous subject areas like Slumber science, Kalyug,
Law of Karma, Astrology, the Divine Feminine, & outer area. Hope you get from this episode 🙂

:00 – Introduction
2:31 – Slumber Science
5:57 – New age of lifestyle
9:00 – On Kalyug
11:55 – Earlier activities
14:18 – Regulation of Karma
20:20 – Meditation exp.
24:30 – On Astrology & predictions
34:00 – Romance & other thoughts
37:50 – Theory of two souls
44:08 – On Relationship
46:00 – On magical herbs & substances
49:00 – Importance of festivals and society
51:40 – On feminine spiritual leaders
56:30 – Divine feminine
1:03:50 – House & people’s opinions
1:07:40 – Catalytic activities
1:09:00 – Outer space & galaxies
1:11:00 – Human evolution & populace
1:19:11 – Conclusion of the podcast

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