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Producing a banana walnut cake with hemp & not having high: the journey of the Bombay Hemp Company



In this episode of you will find out Jahan Peston Jamas and Boheco’s aspiration to make the medicinal homes of Cannabis go mainstream. You will uncover the journey of constructing a classification that is so misunderstood.

00:00 – Introduction to the Bombay Hemp Corporation.
01:15 – Jahan talks about the concept.
05:49 – Rules on hemp and what is authorized, the leaf & seed tale
14:16 – Constructing a agri benefit chain
18:20 – What were being the founders performing right before Boheco
22:12 – Ratan Tata coming in to the photo and funding them
28:45 – Relocating to the way of drugs and employing the science
37:18 – The advancement of D2C and the making of brand name Boheco
41:30 – Trials prior to launches and Scientific trials
46:20 – Creating a banana walnut cake and not finding significant
51:00 – Retail offline growth
57:00 – The toughest component of the journey and the foreseeable future.




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