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Buddhism, AI, The Future, Deep Fakes & Aliens OH MY! w/ Duncan Trussell | Aubrey Marcus Podcast



What is the character of actuality, like truly? Is AI going to have a soul? Can semen electric power a spacecraft?! In today’s wildly entertaining podcast, we blended psychedelics, comedy, spirituality, AI, and substantially a lot more. Duncan Trussell is a hilarious nonetheless deeply insightful currently being, and it is generally epic when we get to commit time together.

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Time Stamps:
00:00- Intro
1:10- Wild Instances In advance | Multiverse
10:34- Intrusive Thoughts | The “I Am”
16:50- Buddhist Concepts
35:12- Returning To The Coronary heart & How To Care
1:02:04- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Ram Dass, Don Miguel Ruiz
1:07:40- See Further than Your Disgust & Spiritual Bypass
1:23:20- Deep Fakes, AI, And Simulations
1:41:47- Stratospheric Balloons & Aliens
1:48:10- The Jizz Driven Potential
1:58:58- Orgasm, The Bardo, And Parenthood
2:08:43- Matias De Stefano & The Daydream Of Infinity

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About the Podcast
Founder of Onnit and contemporary thinker Aubrey Marcus asks the important thoughts: How do we discover our function, wake up to who we actually are, have a couple of extra laughs, and human getting a very little greater?
The Aubrey Marcus Podcast brings in world-course company from the fields of athletics, health and fitness, company, fitness, science, relationship and spirituality, and asks them to open up about the failures and successes that define their wisdom and character.
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