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Proof using On-Chain Analytics Capitulation is powering us!



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DISCLAIMER:  The info contained in this movie is for informational and instructional applications only. Almost nothing herein shall be construed to be financial lawful or tax guidance. The articles of this video clip is entirely the belief(s) of the speaker who is not a certified money advisor or registered financial commitment advisor. Investing equities or cryptocurrencies poses significant danger of reduction. The speaker does not assure any distinct outcome.
00:00 Introduction
00:40 The Superior
00:53 BTC Dominance Stays Weak
01:19 Delta Oscillator
02:13 Max STH Shake Out
02:46 Capitulation Powering Us – Just Fed Fear now
03:26 HODL Waves 1 Yr In addition at ATH
04:18 Willy Woo CVDD Max Ground $14.5K
05:16 PlanC and I Tweaked the CVDD
06:00 Recognized Selling price by Tackle Cohort
07:08 SC’s Crossed Over Again
07:39 Bitcoin vs USDT
08:16 Digital Asset Influx
09:14 Dollars Flows By Crypto Asset
10:35 Funds Flows By Region esp CH
11:20 CH – Tiny State Big Inflow + Crypto Fr
11:56 Barclays Commit $3BN in Copper Crypto Custody
12:50 $ETH on CEXs has fallen from 21.7m to 20.6m
13:40 Additional Decentralized Than You Imagine!
14:30 Arcane Miner Valuation Redux
16:00 75bps Odds Expanding
16:44 Despite Zero Covid – Tesla Escalating
17:14 The Negative
17:18 Panic & Greed Tipping Down Once again
18:06 The Hideous
18:10 Original Unemployment Statements On the Increase
18:35 Financial Exercise Screeching to a Halt – again!
19:13 PMI Nosediving
19:48 EU Fuel Rates Soar In excess of 200 EURO for each mwh




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