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Jeffrey Teo: A theoretical study of bosonic topological phasesin 2+1D in the perspective of



Title: A theoretical survey of bosonic topological phases
in 2+1D in the viewpoint of emergent Dirac
and Majorana fermions

Abstract: We review the principle of chiral bosonic topological phases built from electrons. In addition to a bulk excitation vitality hole, these bosonic phases also have a fermion electricity hole under which all community excitations in the bulk and on the edge are bosonic even combos of electrons. We target on the brief-range entangled E8 quantum Corridor point out, which is the small non-fractional chiral bosonic topological section and is the bosonic analogue of the loaded cheapest Landau degree. We current a relatives of very long-assortment entangled bosonic fractional states that “partly fill” the E8 state and are pairwise connected by a generalized idea of particle-gap conjugation. We assemble just solvable coupled-wire design Hamiltonians of these phases and observe the emergence of non-neighborhood fermions and gauge theories.




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