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Cannabis Takes Center Stage at Northern Nights Music Festival



Northern Nights Music Festival is recognized as one of the first cannabis incorporated music festivals. Located in the heart of Humboldt California. Humboldt County is known for their cannabis as farmers and growers use the open and vast forest for their growing. Northern Nights is a festival you do not want to miss! Whether you are a cannabis lover, music lover, community healer or even just a party goer this festival has got the experience for you! 

What is the Northern Nights Music Festival? 

Northern Nights is a music festival like no other. Known for being one of the first festivals incorporating the cannabis scene on sight. This is not just a music festival. It is a community of like minded people coming together to explore our minds, heal with plant medicine, have fun and release anything youve been holding onto. The power of music is without a doubt a huge impact in so many of our lives and now that the power of cannabis is coming to the forefront of being medicine combining these two into an experience like Northern Nights is pure bliss.

Where is Northern Nights Taking Place?

Northern Nights Music Festival will return to California’s iconic Redwood Forest from July 15-17, 2022. Taking place at Cook’s Valley Campground in Piercy, CA on the Humboldt / Mendocino border, the beloved festival has built its name based on an eclectic mix of cutting-edge music, and pristine natural landscapes, and industry-leading cannabis programming.

How did Northern Nights Become a Mecca For Cannabis?

The editorial team at The Weed Blog is so excited to be attending Northern Nights Music Festival! It is fantastic to see this music festival bring together the best of the EDM & cannabis community. 

Known as a pioneer within the music meets cannabis space, Northern Nights was the first music festival to have legal onsite cannabis sales and consumption in 2019 (before Grasslands at Outside Lands). As a result, the festival has become a hotbed for forward-thinking cannabis culture and policy, acting as a trend-setter for the live events industry and beyond.

Northern Nights have also announced that it will become the first music festival to have dispensaries located at stages and the first music festival to have multiple on-site dispensaries for its 2022 edition. This will include dispensaries at stages throughout the event featuring takeovers from top cannabis brands and allowing guests to easily purchase cannabis products while still enjoying the music they love.

Which Cannabis Brands Will be at Northern Nights Music Festival?

Multiple brands to chose from at Northern Nights this 2022! It may have you a little overwhelmed but no worries because your favorite name brands are here to offer dispensary products you usually pick from the shelves such as Select with some of the highest quality carts and keef sodas, one of the best thc infused pop drinks. If youre looking for Bud to share with friends or family for the weekend then the Tree lounge is your best bet. Offering the lowest of lows for the most high quality bud. All sourced from local growers in the area. The ultimate farmers market of cannabis!   

Are you allowed to bring your own cannabis?  

Well I would hope so, somehow we still call it a “free” country. Nothing is stopping you from bringing your own supply to the show to enjoy your 3 nights. We do recommend supporting the Tree Lounge Farmers Market only for the fact that you are getting such good deals for such amazing and honest quality! We love our Humboldt Fam!!  

What Cannabis Supplies will you need to make the most out of northern nights? 

Rolling Papers


Smoking Apparatus

Vape Battery  

Doob Tubes 

Does Cannabis Make Music Festivals More Enjoyable? 

Cannabis is without a doubt a mind opener. When incorporating music into your cannabis experience most will find the experience inspiring. With the mind being more expanded, in the process, instruments and layers become deeper while listening. The vocals more easily touch your soul on another level. Not to mention your first inhale should allow your body to relax and be able to move your body to the rhythm. 

How much does Cannabis cost at a music festival? 

You only getting the best deals at Northern Nights especially if looking for wholesale deals or bulk for you and your friends! The Tree lounge as mentioned before has bud from growers all over Humboldt county providing you with amazing prices for your flower needs. Dispensary products expect the usual price! 

Northern Nights on-site Cannabis Activation

The Tree Lounge Farmers market located on the festival site brings together amazing farmers and growers of the Humboldt County area! Allowing brands and locals to come together to share their knowledge and passion for cannabis. Incorporating cannabis in healing and community! 

Yoga classes with invitation to bring along your medication that is cannabis. Gatherings of like minded cannabis lovers. Events like this one are huge and have an incredible impact on our society as cannabis still suffers from stigmatism. 

The Weed Blog’s Favorite Artists at Northern Nights Music Festival 

I have to give a huge shoutout to Vaidehi Amair. Creating a new path of rapping and songwriting through mantra sanskrit. Not only did she give a beautiful performance but told the audience of each purpose and meaning behind the song and invited the crowd to incorporate that into our movement. A true release and healing moment for the community. 

Free Creatures gets another one of our shoutouts for their live music performance on the main stage, incorporating amazing lights and strobes and keeping the vibe groovy! The last shoutout goes to the duo that is HIPPYTRAP with one of the band mates having a birthday to celebrate this made their performance that much more hard! HIPPYTRAP raps made THE party experience! 

The Artists truly included the audience in all of their funand we were blown away by their performance.  

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