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Hello I am doctor Michael Uphues. I am a board licensed spouse and children medical professional, osteopath, cannabinoid medication professional, scientific hypo therapist, private trainer and functional drugs expert.
In this very first of a series of video clips I am likely to give you a temporary overview of professional medical cannabis, or as some people today refer to it it as professional medical cannabis.
Cannabis has been applied medically for in excess of 5000 decades. In fact it was utilised in Chinese medication for around a hundred distinct indications. It has been used in ayurevtic medicine for in excess of 2000 a long time. Cannabis was aspect of the american pharmacopiea and was contained in in excess of the counter products and solutions from the 1850’s by way of 1941 following the cannabis tax act of 1937.
The reefer insanity propaganda campaign which commenced in 1936 was one particular of the most helpful in the nation’s historical past, so significantly so that we are even now impacted by it 80 decades later.
Add to this Harry Anslinger who was commissioner of the federal bureau of narcotics and drafted the marijuana tax act of 1937 and we have experienced an 80 calendar year uphill battler relating to not only medical cannibus but also industrial hemp. The most vital reality that I would like you to get away from this very first video clip is the actuality that not a solitary person has ever died from a cannabis overdose in the whole history of mankind. At the moment cannabis is a schedule 1 drug in this country. By definition a program 1 drug has no medical price and has a significant likely for abuse. If this is so then why does the United States government DPHHA maintain the only patent on cannabis? This patent was granted on October 7th 2003 and was backed by investigate that proved that cannabis has solid antioxidant outcomes as properly as staying efficient in neurodegenerative dysfunction these as alzheimers, parkinson, lou gherig’s and huntington’s chorea.
The cat is out of the bag. The American community is informed, intelligent and know that they ended up lied to because the 1930’s. This is why as of currently, July 7th 2016, 25 states have legalized cannabis for health care use. You should remain tuned for my academic movie sequence on healthcare cannabis. I am Dr Michael Uphues and I desire you the greatest of wellness

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