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9 dank Prime Day 2022 deals you don’t want to miss



We’re halfway through Amazon’s yearly deal bonanza also known as Prime Day. Prime Day 2022 began yesterday, July 12, and ends today, July 13. Lucky for Leafly Nation, there are still some incredible deals on cannabis smoking accessories and other fun tidbits that weed enthusiasts may want to consider scooping up while they are on sale.

Ready to click “add to cart?” Here are some of the awesome 2022 Prime Day deals that we’ve scoped out for you.

Bamboo stash box and rolling tray


Deal price: $34.39 (usually $42.99)

Buy this bamboo stash box and add a touch of classic style to your weed storage. Along with the clean look that can seamlessly blend into any decor, this stash box comes with a rolling tray and lots of room for all of your weed and smoking accessories.


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Magical Butter machine and accessories


Deal price: $195 (usually $259.95)

Make some delicious edibles with the Magical Butter machine, which is currently listed at 25% off its normal price. This deal comes with all the accessories you need to become a master at infusion – or just that one friend who always has some tasty treats to share.

20 mg hemp patches

yellow packaging of Hemp Queen patches

Deal price: $25.60 (normally $32)

Titrating your daily cannabis intake means trying out different formats that fit into your lifestyle. Might we suggest these topical hemp patches that you can travel with, wear to a party, or slap on before bed? These patches also make great gift items for friends and family seeking discreet relaxation.

Smell-proof backpack with lock

dark grey smell proof backpack

Deal price: $48.79 (usually $60.99)

Ready to take your cannabis on the road? This smell-proof backpack is exactly what you need for your next adventure. You can fit your weed, laptop, and much more in this unassuming backpack that helps conceal the fact that you’re lugging around some serious loud.

Complete grow tent system with lights and ducting

weed grow tend and accessories

Deal price: $319.99 (usually $399.99)

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to grow your own weed, this is it! Snag this complete grow tent system on sale today. This kit has all the materials you need to get started growing ganja, and covers a 2ft x 2ft imprint – the perfect petite size for anyone ready to begin their own little homegrow.


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At-home THC test kits

at home THC test kits

Deal price: $25.58 (usually $30.98)

Tired of leaving it up to the gods when submitting a sample for new employment? Take out some of the guesswork and purchase this 20-pack of THC tests that you can take at home. These tests boast a 99% accuracy rate so you can make a plan for snagging that dream job even though you love smoking weed.

Weed leaf bucket hat

White bucket hat with green cannabis leaves on it

Deal price: $11.19 (usually $13.99)

This weed bucket hat is all any proud stoner needs to complete their outdoor look. Whether you’d like to wear it while tending to your precious plants or make a statement to the outside world about your love for weed, this hat is 20% off for one more day!

Ganjaland board game

Deal price: $20.99 (usually $29.99)

Ready to host one helluva sesh with your friends? Ganjaland may be one of the few games that can hold a group of stoners’ attention for an extended period of time! Play this fun game and compete to be the Royal Highness of Ganjaland. All you need is 2-8 players and a few strains to keep the party going.


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Weed grinder

purple and black weed grinder with celestial design

Deal price: $18.39 (usually $22.99)

These boho-design weed grinders are right up our alley! Impress your friends or enjoy the beautiful designs for yourself when you snag one of these 3-inch grinders on sale for Prime Day.

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Janessa Bailey

Janessa Bailey was born and raised in the Midwest and serves as Leafly’s culture editor. She enjoys exploring the many ways that weed can tie into everyday life and rarely turns down an edible.

Janessa is the creator of Lumen and Seeds of Change.

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